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Services Offered

  1. Turnkey projects (Including Tech transfer) for manufacture of Human/Veterinary vaccines (Bacterial, Viral, Polysaccharide, Conjugates, Recombinant)
  2. Turnkey projects (Including Tech transfer) for manufacture of 27 different types of Poultry Vaccines. Access to Bulk antigens, personnel training and finished products.
  3. Access to FMD vaccine bulk antigens and manufacturing technology.
  4. Enabling exports through a strong business network in all Emerging markets and key rest of the world countries.
  5. Training of technical Manpower from Pharma and Biotechnology sector for Quality Management Systems, Good Manufacturing Practices in collaboration with GMP Training Systems Inc, California, USA

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  6. Online Training Management software eCTD ver 00 for management of technical training of staff for regulatory compliance
  7. Online medical education platform for (
    1. Science students
    2. Nurses, Paramedical staff
    3. Medical graduates
    4. Hospitals
    5. Medical websites
    6. Medical publication houses
  8. Manpower training and development services