Mr. Pradeep Yadav
B.Tech Electrical Engineering

Pradeep Yadav an Engineer by education and training brings 4 years of specialized experience in both the Engineering department and Project Execution within the Pharma and Bio-pharmaceutical sector.
He is well-versed in Project execution and management systems, adept at Documentation practices, and possesses proficiency in Project planning and coordination. Additionally, he is well-equipped to ensure Safety compliance, handle Material management, provide Technical problem-solving, interpret Engineering Drawings, and manage systems like HVAC, PW and WFI, Boiler, and Utilities.

He has a successful track record of navigating audits conducted by WHO GMP and third-party entities, indicating his commitment to quality and compliance. He possesses an in-depth understanding of critical regulations and guidelines. He is knowledgeable about Indian Electricity Rule, CPWD standards, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), along with pertinent regulations such as WHO standards and 21 CFR Part 211.

BioBridge Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd incorporated in 2011 is a Consulting and Services Management Company for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sector.

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